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Educational Games That Work

The best games listen to you. Your choices matter. You have agency and the game world responds in satisfying and sometimes unexpected ways. When it's working, no medium rivals the lean-in engagement good games create. Creating that engagement and infusing it with the learning objectives and outcomes we want to achieve for our players (students), and their teachers, is at the heart of our practice.


Making a good game is hard, making one that teaches is harder still, and making one that makes measurable improvements in learning outcomes, while also being easy to implement in any classroom with any teacher is a really tall order. But that’s Electric Funstuff.



January 2024

No Turning Back Wins a Gold and a Silver

We're thrilled to get a double-dip, with a Gold in the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion category and a Silver in Education, Art & Culture! As our acceptance speech says "Make civil rights history count today. Vote."


June 2023

Spirit of a Nation 
in Development

Our next mission digs into archaeology and the history of the Apalachee people as a case study to explore Indigenous experiences in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Florida. We kicked off with a research trip to Mission San Luis in Tallahassee!


October 2023

No Turning Back
Wins Gold

From the judges: "This game has the power to inform, engage and empower young people through understanding history to stand up for civil rights in the now."

Play it now!


February 2023

No Turning Back Launched

Our latest mission focuses on grassroots organizing around voting rights in the deep South. This history is not often covered in any grade 6-12 classroom, but one crucially important to understanding the moment we are in now.


July 2023

No Turning Back Finalist for GEE! Award

Recognized as one of the best learning games of the past year for use in grades 6+


September 2021

Prisoner in My Homeland Wins 2021 Japan Prize

"In a time when tensions between communities and anti-Asian racism are suddenly vivid, we think programs like Mission US have the potential to help us learn from history and avoid repeating past mistakes, and for us that makes it the best work in the digital media division this year."

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