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Educational Games That Work

The best games listen to you. Your choices matter. You have agency and the game world responds in satisfying and sometimes unexpected ways. When it's working, no medium rivals the lean-in engagement good games create. Creating that engagement and infusing it with the learning objectives and outcomes we want to achieve for our players (students), and their teachers, is at the heart of our practice.


Making a good game is hard, making one that teaches is harder still, and making one that makes measurable improvements in learning outcomes, while also being easy to implement in any classroom with any teacher is a really tall order. But that’s Electric Funstuff.



September 12, 2019

Mission US Wins a Teachers' Choice Award!

To quote one of the teacher panelists: "Students, even those who identified themselves as not liking history at all, fell in love with Mission US."


October 16, 2018

For Crown or Colony? Reboot Launched

Eight years after the original, our first Mission says goodbye to Flash and hello to Unity, with all new content, characters, badges and interface. Learn more


July 9, 2019

For Crown or Colony? Wins Gold!

We're thrilled to receive the 2019 Gold award for K-12 Education from International Serious Play, who honor the best in educational gaming. As Mr. Edes would say, "Well done!"


August 1, 2018

Mission 6 Production Started

Prisoner in My Homeland (w.t.), is in development! It is the story of Henry Tanaka, a Japanese-American teenager from Bainbridge Island, sent to the Manzanar incarceration camp.


May 1, 2019

A Cheyenne Odyssey 
Reboot Underway

The story of westward expansion as told from the perspective of the Northern Cheyenne, is getting a full technical and visual overhaul. Look for a late Spring 2020 release!


May 15, 2018


We received a two-year grant from the Department of Education to continue development of our mobile VR-based intervention for high school history classrooms. Learn more

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